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Plastic and Glass Manufacturing Industry

In order to give product a good quality base, it is must that all the impurities should be removed from the basic raw materials. Various types of raw materials are used for making glass and plastics. These raw materials are first cleaned by subjecting them to various types of magnetic separators that pulls ferrous fines and other contaminants from the raw materials and made them fit for production of final goods.

Disc Separators
In disc type of separator feed material is discharged to a vibratory feeder tray, from a hopper. Transportation of the materials take place beneath the rotating discs. Magnetic particles after reaching the magnetic field of the disc gets attracted to the high gradient magnetic zones on the discs. The captured particles are carried to the discharge chutes by the rotating disc. The secondary and final separation of the materials take place in the second and the third zone of the machine and then finally the cleaned materials are discharged out of the machine.

Induced Roll Magnetic Separator
In induced magnetic roll separator, material being treated is fed from a hopper or vibratory feeder at a controlled rate onto a high intensity magnetic roll. The magnetic particle present in the materials attach themselves onto the roll face whereas non magnetic material is thrown off the face at a normal trajectory.

Rare Earth Roll Separators
Rare earth roll separators consist of the most powerful rare earth permanent magnet like Neodymium Iron Boron magnets thereby transforming it as a high intensity and a high gradient separator. These separators can extract both ferromagnetic and paramagnetic materials. This enables the separator to create a cleaner product with no metal contamination.