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Suspended Plate Magnets

Suspended Plate Magnets Suspended plate magnets are those permanent magnets which are installed above the open conveyors to clear the ferrous objects and fines found in grains, feedstuffs, dry chemicals and other particulates.

The metallic contaminants are usually pulled out by the suspended magnets. The ferrous are collected on the self cleaning magnetic separator belt and are conveyed and discharged through the hopper.

Suspended plates come in different sizes matching to the width of the belt. They are outfitted with eyebolts for handling the overhead suspension. The magnets used in suspension are normally ceramic magnets or rare earth magnets which have the capability to lift the tramp- iron objects from considerable distance.

  • Suspension magnets clears the tramp iron and other ferrous tramp from flat-belt and trough style conveyors.
  • The conveyed materials on the conveyors are penetrated deeply by the powerful ceramic or other magnets.
  • The suspension magnets can be mounted easily.
  • The sliding stripper plate slides for fast and easy cleaning
  • Available in both versions - manual cleaning & automatic cleaning.
  • The use of suspended magnets helps in the protection of processing equipments like crushers, pulverizers, conveyor belts and screens.
  • The suspension magnets are housed in stainless steel structure.
  • The magnetic material used are normally ceramic or rare earth magnets.
  • The magnets are bipolar which creates deep-penetrating magnetic field.
  • Over conveyor belt or from side of belt the cleaning is manual. The sliding face-plate helps in the ease.
  • Cleaning.
  • The suspension magnets can be designed with or without frame.
Buying Tips

  • While ordering buyer must indicate whether he wants the support frame or slide face.

  • For best results buyer must choose magnets which are as wide as the conveyor belt.

  • Buyers must also carefully examine other factors while rdering suspended magnets like belt speed, belt width, the shape and size of tramp iron to be removed, magnet mounting position and Volume of the materials to be conveyed.
Suspension magnets of different strength are meant for removing ferrous materials during the crushing, screening and sorting processes. They have wide applications which are as follows:
  • Wood & Plastic Recycling
  • Crushed or Broken Stone
  • Food Processing Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Pallet Recycling
  • Shredded Tire Processing
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