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Magnetic Products

The magnetic products utilize magnetic force to function. Virtually magnets find their place in every industry. They are used not only in big industries but also for the manufacturing of small entertainment products.

  Types of Magnetic Products
The important magnetic products that are widely used in various industries are:
Magnetic Conveyor

  Classification of Magnetic Products
We can classify the magnetic products on the basis of their usage in various industries Which are as follows:

  • Industrial Magnetic ProductsElectronic Products: Audio and Video tape, Radio, Cds, floppy disk, hard disk, electronic toys etc.

  • Financial Institution Products: Credit cards, Debit cards and ATM cards. These card consist of magnetic strip on one of their sides. The magnetic Strip consist of the necessary information related to individuals bank account detail.

  • Computer and Television Monitors: T.V and Computer monitors produce image using electromagnetic effect.

  • Speakers And Microphones: Speakers use combination of a permanent magnet and an electromagnet. The magnets result in the pushing and pulling of the cone that produce sound. A microphone too utilizes the magnetic force to produce the sound.

  • Electric Motors And Generators: Electric motors generally using the combination of electromagnets and permanent magnets convert electric energy into mechanical energy whereas generator function on the principle of conversion of mechanical energy into electric energy.

  • Transformers: Transformer transfers electric energy between two windings. These windings are are electrically isolated but are linked magnetically.