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Magnetic Take-Off Rails

Magnetic take-off rails help in removing the ferrous materials from the conveyors magnetic field. The magnetic force of take off rails decrease along their length which helps in the final removal of the ferrous fines from the non ferrous flowing materials. The metal gets discharged at the other end where the magnetic force is nearly zero.

The magnetic take off sections are available in different face width. Normally every take off sections have mounting holes or mounting brackets. The take off sections have full force at infeed which decreases down to almost zero for smooth discharge of parts without damage.

TypesMagnetic Take-Off Rails
  • Straight Magnetic Take-off Rails
    Straight magnetic take off rail are available in different sizes and magnetic strengths. The magnetic force in straight section remains uniform from infeed end to discharge end.

  • Curved Magnetic Take-off Rails
    They are curved magnetic take off rails with strong magnetic force at the starting point which subsequently get reduced. They are available in different widths, lengths and magnetic strengths.

  • Angled Magnetic Take-off Rails
    The angled magnetic take off rails are normally used in conjunction with the Magnetic Pulleys. They have constant magnetic force along their entire length and either feed ferrous material into, or help carry material away from the pulleys.

  • End Magnetic Take-off Rails
    End magnetic take off rail are designed with gradually decreasing magnetic force along their length to remove ferrous materials from the conveyors magnetic field. The magnetic force decreases to nearly zero at the opposite end so that parts will discharge smoothly and without damage.
The magnetic take off rails are applicable in the following industries:
  • Chemicals
  • Food processing
  • Cement
  • Glass
  • Plastic