Ankle Magnets

Ankle Magnets

Magnetic therapy helps you in keeping good health and is not limited to pain relaxants. Magnets reduces the complication of poor circulation, lymph flow, hormone production, nerves and muscles have a good chance of being sustained using magnets.

Ankle magnets are designed for providing relief in ankle pain. The ankle magnets are available both in the form of comforting wraps and even in the most stylish of ankle bracelets.

On the basis of design ankle magnets are of following types:
  • Ankle Magnetic Bracelets
    The ankle bracelets are designed to provide relief in pain of ankle, foot or leg cramps. These anklets are easy to wear and are very attractive. They consist of powerful magnets that reduce swelling in the anklets and the lower leg. They also provide healing from sprains and fractures. They are available in different designs and lengths. The ankle magnets are helpful in the following physical problems:
    • Relieve pain and swelling by increasing blood circulation
    • Helps in the healing of foot and ankle pain
    • Reduces stress
    • Increases body energy
    • Helps people who are suffering from arthritis and swollen finger

Though magnetic ankle are important device providing relief but under certain circumstances they should not be used. For example during pregnancy their use should be avoided. If you are ailing from heart disease and if pace maker is implanted in your heart you must not use any magnetic device. If there is other electronic device implanted in your body you should again refrain yourself in using them

  • Magnetic Ankle Brace
    Magnetic ankle brace provide warmth and magnetic influence with no perspiration. These brace are designed to provide relief in various ankle problems. The ankle support contains four high energy disc magnets which are arranged to focus magnetic energy throughout the joint and achilles area. They can be fitted in both the legs and offer full range of motion. They are washable and durable enough to be used for the longer period of time. Some of the brace magnets uses neodymium and ceramic unipolar magnets, providing 50 times more magnetic volume than conventional magnets. These brace is also lightweight, comfortable and flexible enough to allow unrestricted motion, and fits easily inside most shoes. The magnets provide comfort in all the ankle and ankle related problems like:
    • Achilles tendon
    • Tendonitis
    • Relieve pain and swelling by increasing blood circulation

Did You Know?
Ankle magnets apart from being used in medical science, are also used by various sportsman. They are used in the sports like golf, tennis, running, soccer, hockey, walking and for normal daily activities.