Thigh Magnets

Thigh Magnets Thigh magnets are ideal for managing pain, sore muscles etc. Thigh magnets provide orthopedic support and energy. These magnets are used by sports person for providing relaxation to heir muscles. Thigh magnets are available in various size and form. The common type of thigh magnets that are used are :
  • Thigh Band
  • Thigh Support
How It Works?
The magnets in thigh magnets produce heat by creating magnetic field which increase the blood circulation. The magnetic field when placed over blood vessel provides deep heat to the blood vessel which led to the widening of the blood vessel. This results in the greater amount of the blood flow thereby increasing the circulation. The increased circulation helps in curing of various muscle related problems.

  • The thigh magnets use super strong rare earth magnets.
  • Thigh magnets are very comfortable and durable.
  • They are quite flexible and stretchable and can be easily washed.

If You are ailing with heart disease and are implanted with electro medical device like pacemaker, insulin tubes etc he should avoid the use of magnetic product. Pregnant women too should avoid the use of magnetic products or do so only after the advice of their physicians.
  • Provide comfort for weak, sore, aching knees.
  • In muscular cramps and spasms they are very helpful.
  • They use powerful rare earth magnets normally neodymium.
  • They are washable, stretchable and very comfortable.
  • Soreness
  • Strains
  • Muscular pull
  • Ligament pull
  • Ischiocapsular sprain
  • Iliofemoral sprain
  • Thigh sprain