Shoulder Magnets

Shoulder magnets are available in different forms and shapes to be used in various types of shoulder pain. Shoulder magnets provide relief in all type of shoulder injuries. The shoulder magnets use powerful neodymium magnets whose magnetic field penetrates deeper and enhances the flow of blood. The increase flow of blood helps provides relief and early healing.

On the basis of style and forms shoulder magnets are of following types:
  • Shoulder Braces
    Magnetic shoulder braces contains powerful magnetic pads which penetrates through the shoulders. They optimize magnetic field strength, maximize penetration depth, and provide complete saturation of the affected area. These braces carefully control movement of heat and perspiration. They are comfortable on the skin. The pad can be adjusted to the exact area of injury thereby targeting the exact area of shoulder pain for optimum effectiveness.

  • Shoulder Pads
    The shoulder pad fits the required portion of the shoulder comfortably. They consist of powerful magnets facing the body thereby enhancing the blood flow. The Pads are fitted comfortably in cotton or poly design holding strap and are very easy and comfortable to put on.

  • Shoulder Wraps
    This powerful wrap can be worn by both men and women. One size fits all. The shoulder Wrap provides all the comfort in all sorts of shoulder pain. They come in various size and fittings. The wrap consist of powerful rare earth magnets especially neodymium magnets. The shoulder wrap consisting are very effective as they help in retaining natural body heat while helping to compress the injured area. The shoulder wrap fits both left and right shoulder. They Can be comfortably worn under or over clothing.

The use of magnets need some precautions. Person using electro medical devices like pacemaker, insulin tubes etc should avoid using magnetic product or use only after the advice of their physician. The shoulder magnets should not be used on the open injuries or sore. Their use should also be avoided by the pregnant women

Buying Tips
Buyers must be aware of following things before buying mattress pads. The size and thickness of the magnets, their gauss rating, the number of magnets and the type of cushioning are some of the important factors that needs to be looked before going for magnetic mattress pad.

Shoulder Magnets Following are the advantages of:
  • It is light weight and comfortable.
  • It is easy to carry.
  • Shoulder magnets use powerful rare earth magnets providing quick relief.
  • Can be used in conjunction with other therapies.
  • Since no chemicals are used, it incur no side effects.
  • Helpful in all shoulder problems like stiffness, inflammation, cervical etc.
Shoulder magnets are applied in the following shoulder injuries:
  • Blade pain
  • Strains
  • Bruising
  • Bursitis
  • Rotator cuff injury
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Post surgical healing
  • Football shoulder injury