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Funnel Magnets

The funnel magnets are strong anisotropic permanent magnets with special configuration and are normally enclosed in a cylinder. They are available in different sizes and width and are used for different industrial applications. The funnel magnets consist of permanent anisotropic magnets like ferrite or rare earth magnets.


  • The anisotropic funnel magnets have magnetic rod which incorporates modern anisotropic permanent magnets.

  • Funnel Magnet
  • The top plate of the magnetic funnel is provided with number of grooves to guide the slurry to a specific path to give the maximum efficiency.

  • Funnels in the anisotropic funnel magnets are generally made up of aluminum and stainless steel.

  • The small iron contamination gets cleared when they pass through the uniform gap between the funnel and the magnet.
Funnel magnets have many industrial applications like:
  • Ceramic glazes
  • Colors
  • Oil
  • Chemical industries
Funnel Magnet