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Suspension Magnets

Suspension magnets are permanent magnets which remove iron from wood chips before they are burnt or reused. Suspended magnets have the capability to remove various impurities like iron parts such as nuts and bolts from coal, coke, ore and other minerals, at extremely high belt speeds, large working distances and high burden depth. As per requirement the magnetic force can be generated either by permanent magnets or by electromagnetic coils.

The magnetic flux are concentrated through the integration of magnetic flux. Apart from the electro magnetic coil the shape size structure are also responsible for this. This results in the effective working of the electric top belt magnetic separator despite its compact size, low weight and low power consumption.

How it works?
Suspension magnets are mounted above a conventional belt conveyor. Iron materials are removed from the conveyed material by the suspension magnets. The pure suspension magnets are used where the amount of iron involved is small, while self-cleaning suspended magnets are better suited to higher concentrations of iron components. Self cleaning suspended magnets are useful where the concentration of iron components are higher. If suspended magnets are aligned longitudinally then more reliable discharged can be achieved. In some cases this can be achieved with the use of even smaller magnets. A larger magnet is required if the suspension is arranged transversely.

Working of Suspension Magnets

  • Suspension magnets are easy to install.
  • Due to high magnetic flux density there performance is effective and consistent.
  • Flush stainless steel magnetic surfaces are easily cleaned manually.
  • Generally there is a handle to swivel magnet for cleaning purposes.
Specifications Suspension Magnets
  • The suspended permanent magnets can be of varying magnetic strength that can extract ferrous metal objects of different weights.
  • To penetrate dry granular materials rare earth magnets can also be fitted.
  • Normally it is constructed of stainless steel materials.
  • It is also fitted with powerful rare earth magnets to extract even the smallest possible ferrous objects.
The main applications of the suspended permanent magnets are in processing of following materials like:
  • Sugar
  • Coal
  • Minerals
  • Cereals
  • Coffee
  • Glass
  • Culet