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Sheet Magnets

Sheet Magnets Sheet magnets are one of the most inexpensive magnets that are available in the market. These magnets are smooth, nonporous and are all weather resistant. The strength of the magnets can be increased by either increasing the width of the sheet or through magnetizing method.

The magnetic strips can also be supplied with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing or foam tape backing on one side for more bonding strength. For increasing the holding power, in some case, these magnets are also provided with steel backing to increase the holding power. The magnetization and the pole spacing of different sheet magnets are different because different applications require different magnetization. There are two methods of manufacturing magnetic sheet:
  • Extrusion process
  • Calendaring process
  • Available in different length, breadth and thickness
  • The surface can be laminated with double sided self-adhesive and color PVC
  • They are both isotropic and anisotropic
  • They posses good magnetic strength
  • They are non porous and weather resistant
Magnetic sheets are of following types:
  • Rolling Magnetic Sheets
    The rolling magnetic sheets are powerful magnets which find their usage for large-scale advertising ornaments, toys and diversified craft works.

  • Cutting Magnetic Sheets
    The cutting magnetic sheets have their utility for instruments, meters, sensors, advertising ornaments, toys and different kinds of craft-work.

  • Calendaring Magnetic Sheets
    The calendaring magnetic sheet too like rolling magnetic sheet is used for advertising ornaments, toys and various craft works.

  • Plain Magnetic Sheets
    These magnets are without any laminations.

  • Colored Magnetic Sheets
    They are laminated with colored vinyl (PVC).

  • Self-Adhesive Magnetic Sheet
    They are laminated with self-adhesive tape.
The sheet magnets have the following applications:
  • Craft Items
  • Markers
  • Signs
  • Refrigerator Magnets
  • Business Card Magnet
  • Advertising Boards
  • Advertisement