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Magnetic Materials

Ferromagnetic Materials
Ferromagnetic materials are those magnets that shows spontaneous magnetization. If these materials are brought closer to a magnet they will be strongly attracted towards it regardless of orientation. Some of the ferromagnetic Materials along with their curie temperature are: Co, Fe, FeOFe2O3, MnBi, Ni, MnSb, Gd, Dy, EuO etc.

Diamagnetic Materials
Diamagnetic materials are those materials that exhibits magnetism in the presence of an externally applied magnetic field. When the orbital motion of electrons of any element changes it result in diamagnetism. When the magnetic field is applied the force generated by the field results in the speeding up or slowing down of electrons. This result in the changing of the magnetic moment of the orbital in a direction opposing the external field. Diamagnetic materials repel the magnetic field weakly.

Diamagnetic Materials

Paramagnetic Materials
Paramagnetic materials exhibit magnetism when the external magnetic field is applied. Paramagnetic materials loose magnetization in the absence of an externally applied magnetic field. These materials are weakly attracted towards magnetic field.