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Selecting Magnets

Magnets are important materials that produce magnetic field. The magnetic field generated by the magnets are used in various applications. Magnets are of different types. But the two main categories are: permanent magnets and electromagnets. Permanent magnets occur naturally and are not dependent on external sources for the generation of magnetic field. Electromagnets on the other hand uses electricity to produce magnetic field.

While choosing the magnets and magnetic products it is necessary for the buyers to keep following questions in mind.

» What is the Purpose?

Purpose should be the main consideration while going for any magnets or magnetic products. If your aim is to use the magnets in the industry or big projects you should choose it accordingly. There are different types of magnets serving specific purpose. Choose the suitable one for yourself.

» What should be the Magnetic Strength?

Selecting Magnets Magnetic strength of different magnets vary. For example the magnetic strength of Neodymium magnet is very strong as compare to other magnets. The strong magnets serve the purpose in many big industries like chemical industries, cement industries, food processing industries etc. While some other whose magnetic strength is medium are used in various small scale and electronic industries.

» What should be the Width and the Size of the Magnets ?

This is closely related to your objective. Magnets can be customized to varying size and shapes to fulfill your requirements. The magnets can be designed in various shapes like square, round, circular etc of different size and magnetic strength. You can easily mark out the magnet, which suits your interest in the best possible way.

» Whether the Magnets You have Chosen Posses all the Desired Properties?

The magnets you have chosen must posses all the magnetic properties. There are several methods to test the magnetic properties of the magnets. The test parameters and test methods for different permanent magnetic components are different. For example for magnetic ring, the test parameter is diametric flux density whereas, surface field, magnetic flux are the parameters for magnetic segment and block. Magnet Tesla meter and Helmholtz coil a digital tesla meter can test diametric flux density with a transverse sensor. Magnetic flux can also be tested by permanent magnet tesla meter and helmholtz coil.