Sintered Alnico

Cast Alnico Magnets Sintered magnet is a powerful magnet which has wide applications in various industries. It consists of aluminum, nickel, cobalt with iron and titanium. Apart from cast alnico it also comes in sintered alnico.

For manufacturing sintered alnico magnets, firstly the mixtures are pressed under die using huge pressure. After being pressed,they are sintered in a hydrogen atmosphere and then finally cooled. If the material is heat treated in presence of magnetic field, the resultant product is anisotropic and if the materials are treated in absence of magnetic field the magnet is called as isotropic.

Attributes of Sintered Alnico
  • The size of the sintered alnico magnets vary.
  • Sintered alnico is grinded in a controlled manner.
  • Of all the Alnico's, sintered alnico's are strongest.
  • Excellent temperature stability.
  • It is hard and brittle hence can't be machined conventionally.
  • They have low coercive force compared to ceramic and rare earth materials.
Sintered magnets too has many applications like:
  • Electronic industries
  • Separators
  • Sensors
  • Speakers