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Cartridge Magnetic Separators

Cartridge magnets are important magnetic separators which are ideal for removing tramp iron from dry, free-flowing food or chemical products conveyed in pneumatic pipelines. These units are usually made up of stainless steel and are available in different shapes and sizes.

How It Works?
The materials entering the cartridge magnets are distributed by a solid stainless steel cone. The materials so distributed, passes in close proximity to the magnetic cartridge. The magnets attract and held the ferrous contamination, while the separated product continues to move out of the housing. The ferrous contamination remains on the magnet until the cartridge is removed and cleaned.

Cartridge Magnets

  • The cartridge magnet separators are made up of stainless steel.
  • They consist of high powered magnetic element.
  • Normally the cartridge magnetic separators use powerful rare earth magnets or ceramic magnets.
  • Magnetic elements are removable, thereby, paving the way for easy cleansing.
  • Some cartridge magnet separators utilize conveyor couplings for easy operation and positive seal.
Cartridge magnetic separators finds their applications in the following trade:
  • Metalworking
  • Packaging
  • Recycling
  • Mining
  • Food processing