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Gravity Feed Magnets

Gravity feed magnets separates ferrous tramp metal through gravity system. These magnets are constructed out of welded stainless steel and are available in stainless steel structure. The gravity magnet comes in different shapes and sizes and are ideal for narrow chute applications. Gravity feed magnets are normally used in vertical flow system.

Gravity magnetic separators are of different types:
  • Hump Magnets
    Hump magnets are Ideal for round pipe or rectangular chute transfer lines. Employing diverter which are equipped with powerful spout magnets, the hump magnets separates the tramp metals from non ferrous materials.

  • Pipe Magnets
    Pipe magnets are permanent magnets that capture ferrous metal contaminates in vertical flow systems. The magnets have a cylindrical door which swings open and out of the product flow for safe and easy cleaning. The pipe magnets are constructed of all welded stainless steel.

  • Wedge Magnet
    The wedge magnets are the ideal magnets for any narrow chute application. The wedge magnets capture those ferrous contaminants which gets escaped from others magnets. They are installed normally at the final point of of the system. The magnets used by wedge magnets are either ceramic magnets or rare earth magnets.

  • Extractor Magnets
    Designed for ferrous metal separation in high volume dry processing applications extractor magnets are suitable. These magnets consist of powerful parallel permanent magnets which capture ferrous tramp metal from direct material flow. Diverter directs the materials towards the magnets from where the tramp iron metal is separated and pure product is obtained.

  • Split Flow Magnets
    The split flow magnet separates free falling or choke flows in vertical chute applications. The material entering the unit is directed towards high intensity parallel magnets where the ferrous fines are captured and held.
Gravity magnetic separators have different industrial and commercial usage. They are applied in industries like:
  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Grain processing industries
  • Pharmaceutical industries