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Lifting Magnets

Lifting magnets using various powerful rare earth magnets are used for searching metal objects in tanks or places that are difficult to access. The metallic particles in oil and other liquid medium can also be separated using permanent lifting magnets.

  • The permanent lifting magnets come in various shapes, sizes and weight.
  • The magnets used in equipment lifting magnets are normally rare earth magnets which creates strong magnetic field.
  • They can be used without hooks or hose and are maintenance free.
  • Magnetic energy concentrated within the work zone, with minimum field dispersion beyond that zone.
Lifting Magnets The equipment lifting magnets have many industrial applications:
  • Lifting magnets are used for carrying iron products like armor plate, iron, mould and the other armor plate products.
  • The magnets can safely lift the steel without any attachments like sling or hose.
  • If attached to rod they can clean the tanks.
  • Scrap handling