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Liquid Line Magnets

For heavy duty, large volume liquid and semi-liquid line flow systems liquid line magnets are ideal. These magnets are designed to remove ferrous tramp from liquid processing and conveying lines. Liquid line magnetic separators are available in different size and configuration and employ powerful rare earth magnets to clear the ferrous contaminants.

  • Liquid line magnetic separators are easy to install and operate.

  • They are housed in stainless steel structure.

  • The liquid line trap magnets employ rare earth magnets to clear the tramp iron contaminants.

    Buying Tips
    Buyers going for liquid line magnets must keep into consideration the size and the nature of the contaminants. Moreover buyer must also take into account the amount of work and the nature of the industry he is intending to cater.
  • Different types of liquid line magnets use different techniques to capture tramp iron materials

  • The magnets allows the product to flow through housing without causing product bridging.

  • The magnets helps in improving the product purity and protects the equipment damage by removing the ferrous contaminants.
Liquid Line Magnets On the basis of the configuration liquid line magnets are of different types like:
  • Tube Style T- Traps Magnet
    These inline magnets have permanent stainless steel magnetic tubes for capturing ferrous products thereby improving the quality of product. Due to the magnetic action particles are collected at the rear of the tube from where they are cleared of.

  • Plate Style T- Traps
    Plate style t-traps are ideal for liquid lines carrying viscous to fibrous products, such as meats, fruit preserves, cheeses and sinewy items. They provide magnetic protection for liquid lines and processing equipment and preserve product purity.

  • Cartridge-Style Liquid Traps
    Cartridge-style liquid traps are suitable for non-fibrous fluids where the solid particles are very small. The liquid is forced through the grid of magnetic cartridges where the magnetic tramp comes under the influence of magnetic field of the cartridges and gets attracted towards the powerful rare earth magnets and held on the surface of cartridges.
Liquid line magnetic separators have wide applicability in the following industries like:
  • Food Processing Industries
  • Plastic Industries
  • Glass Industries
  • Chemical Industries