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Center Flow Magnets

Center flow magnets are other type of in line magnets which are designed to clear ferrous fines as well as larger pieces of contaminants like tramp iron from dry particulates while moving through dilute-phase pneumatic or gravity-flow conveying lines.

For best results, bullet-shaped magnetic cartridge is suspended in the center line of the housing. There is a cone to direct the flow of materials around the magnet. The magnet's tapered poles allow ferrous fines to collect out of the direct air stream and the poles at the trailing end of the bullet holds the escaped tramp metals.

Features Center Flow Magnets
  • Center flow magnetic separators can be installed easily.
  • If center flow magnetic separators placed vertically, it will give best results.
  • Nose cone of stainless steel redirects material around bullet-shaped magnet.
  • The tapering design collects metal fines out of air stream.
  • Available with ceramic or rare earth magnets.
  • Both self-cleaning models and manual cleaning models are available.
  • Stainless steel structure.