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Magnetic Separator: An Industrial Necessity

Magnetic separators are designed for separating magnetic admixtures from non-magnetic ones. The magnetic separators are either based on permanent magnets or electromagnets. Magnetic separators are available in different shapes and sizes. Apart from separating they also give enough security to the products and the equipments. The magnetic separator consists of non magnetic container and magnetic means to generate magnetic field gradient within the container in which, the magnetic field is stronger.

In modern times there are many magnetic products which are launched by the companies year after year for the medicinal purposes. Magnetic wraps, braces, bands, jewelleries etc. are now very commonly used by the people. Magnets nowadays, are acting complementary to the medicines. They provide relief to the patients from many problems like gouts, stiffness, muscular pain, joints pain etc.

Products normally purified by the magnetic separator are industrial materials, fodder, food products, chemical and other free flowing materials etc.

Magnetic Separator: An Industrial Necessity Magnetic separators are very efficient device which helps in giving good output. They are easy to handle and operate and provide valuable protection to your equipments from ferrous contaminants. The magnetic separators are available in various sizes to meet different requirements in different circumstances.

Magnetic separators are utilized in various industries like mining industries, glass, cement, ceramic, food processing, chemical, plastics and glass industries etc.

Depending on their usage and configuration magnetic separators are of different types like hump magnets, in line magnets, suspended magnets,plate magnets etc.