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»  Convert the magnetic bar into a wall rack

Magnetic rack is common in large scale industries. But, have you ever imagined of wall magnetic rack for your house. Yes, it can wonder in re structuring ....more

»  Therapeutic Magnetic Bracelets

Before discussing therapeutic magnetic bracelet it is very important to know magnetic therapy. It is a kind of therapy where a magnet is used for relieving pain and helps in treating certain ailment without drugs or medicines. ....more

»  Where and Why Magnetic Sweepers are Used

Magnet sweeper is an excellent alternative to the other sweeping system. It makes an arduous job like picking up alloy and metal from dust so easy and effective. ....more

»  Mineral Separation with Rare Earth Magnets

New earth magnets based on the concept of superconductivity have opened new possibilities in the field of magnetic separation. All minerals are somehow influenced by the magnetic field, although in few cases the effect is exceedingly small. ....more

»  The History Of Electromagnetism

Electromagnets are the type of magnets where magnetic field is produced using the flow of electric current. Until 18th century, the only magnetism known was that of iron magnets and of "lodestones", natural magnets of iron-rich ore. ....more

»  Magnet Industry: Taking Strides

The permanent magnet industry is undergoing major structural changes. The change started in the mid-1990's and is still going on. The economic globalization has prompted the major players to effect major changes in ....more

»  Magnetic Separator: An Industrial Necessity

Magnetic separators are designed for separating magnetic admixtures from non-magnetic ones. The magnetic separators are either based on permanent magnets or electromagnets. Magnetic separators are available in different .....more

»  Neodymium In Hydrogen Atmosphere

Neodymium iron boron(NdFeB) do not perform well in the atmosphere dominated by hydrogen. It is advised to used NdFeB magnets where the atmosphere has been purged with Hydrogen for many reasons, such as purity. .....more

»  Samarium Cobalt Magnets: Power With Utility

Samarium cobalt magnets are important rare earth magnets used in various applications. They are available in various series and grades. The popular series are series1-5 (SmCo5) and samarium Cobalt magnets Series 2-17 (Sm2Co17) ....more

»  Plate Magnet Adapter: Retaining Tramps

For gravity fed angled chute plate magnet adapters are used which which convey low to high volumes of product. Below the flow of the product magnetic adapters are installed where maximum ferrous tramp metal is retained. ...more

»  Magnetic Therapy: Complementary To Medical Science

Magnetic energy is the best method to increase the blood circulation. Human being depends lot on electromagnetic force for its existence. The cell of human being posses certain amount of magnetic energy. Thus our body generates ...more

»  Back Magnets: Easing The Back

With the latest developments in medical technology, people are now able to get Back Pain Relief that is effective, long lasting and safe. Magnetic therapy is the newest generation for Back Pain Relief. It is cost effective treatment. .... more

»  Magnetic Massager : Relief From Muscular Pain

The magnetic massager is one of the important links of the long chain of magnetic equipments. They activate the tissues of the body part in which they are applied, increase the blood circulation and hence provide relief in various physical ...more