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Magnetic Therapy: Complementary To Medical Science

Magnetic energy is the best method to increase the blood circulation. Human being depends lot on electromagnetic force for its existence. The cell of human being posses certain amount of magnetic energy. Thus our body generates both electric and magnetic energy. Conventional medicine uses electro-cardiograms and electro-encephalograms to diagnose medical cases. After lot of research it has been established that man is a magnetic being in a bio magnetic atmosphere. Any dis-equilibrium between this environment and man's magnetic energy can have adverse consequences. A healthy body acquires the necessary energy from its environment.

Enviorment always effect human beings. In modern world everywhere human being is surrounded by iron in buildings, elevators, trains, automobiles, industrial and household ppliances, etc. The magnetic force is absorbed by iron due to which the magnetic force in urban area is less than the rural areas. This disturbs the balance between the outer magnetic field and the inner magnetism which effects the overall health. When their is magnetic deficiency it causes various disorders like:
  • Constipation
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Stress
  • Headache
  • Numbness
  • Various forms of neuralgia
  • Vertigo (dizziness),
  • Ringing in ears loss of appetite insomnia
  • Shoulder, low back, wrist, elbow, knee pain
Magnetic Therapy: Complementary To Medical Science As per research heart disease can be treated by changes in the earth's magnetic field. Data collected indicates that cardiac complications, such as arrhythmia (irregular pulse), are more likely to occur when terrestrial magnetism is high. Research also has shown similar results in relation to eye disease, kidney disease, stomach ulcers, epilepsy, rheumatism and hypertension.

Furthermore, scientists have also tried to correlate between increased activity of the earth's magnetic field and the incidence of smallpox, dysentery, polio, and scarlet fever.

After many research and study scientist community come to the conclusion that when magnetism is maintained at a stable and uniform level, the rate of electric pressure corresponds to the speed of blood flow. Due to these researches and studies electromagnetic flow meter was developed, which has proven extremely useful in magnetic therapy.

When the blood is magnetized, it generates electric pressure. This is because some of the kinetic energy is converted to electric energy. During this conversion process, certain ions which are beneficial to various bodily functions are produced in the blood.

On the other hand, when magnetic substances in our bodies decrease for any reason, the oxygen content in our blood also drops, and this causes disturbance in our metabolic functions.

Since both the functions of blood and of our internal organs are interdependent, any impairment in blood circulation results in a malfunction of our internal organs eventually. Thus, the proper functioning of our circulatory system is an essential requirement to good health maintenance.

Blood ionization enables the blood itself to function properly. Blood substances are divided into two parts- one part consists of ions which can be either positively or negatively charged, and the other part consists of what are called "non-ions".

These two substances are kept balanced in the blood stream. An electric current is generated when magnetism is irradiated to the blood, this in turn ionizes the non-ions. The ionization effect activates the autonomic nervous system. This helps in controlling blood circulation. Hence, ionization actually promotes the steady and smooth flow of blood.

Magnetic Effect on Ions
Magnetism ionize both the blood and entire body. The blood and the whole body is ionized by the electrolytic action of the magnets. Magnetism ionizes the electrolyte solution which, in turn ionizes the entire body.

In case of back pain, when the patients cell is given magnetic therapy electricity is irradiated which facilitates the exchange of the electrolytes like Potassium and Calcium. This results in the dissolving of butyric acid which is the cause of back pain.

In case of autonomic nervous system the magnetic energy activates the autonomic nerves enhancing the circulatory system and the regulation of metabolism.

Shoulder pain cause by stiffness is one of the most common problem. The stiffness is caused by various factors like cervical anamolies of internal organs like liver, stomach and lungs.

All the shoulder stiffness can be treated by Magnetic Energy Therapy in conjunction with other therapeutic treatment. Shoulder stiffness is caused by many factors like desktop work, production line work and studying. The improper posture thus is the main cause of shoulder stiffness. The bad posture effects the blood circulation through the shoulder muscles.

Massage, acupuncture, hot and cold compresses provide temporary relief but the magnetic therapy in relation to acupuncture points relax the muscles and gives relief for the longer period of time.

Magnetic therapy thus provide answer to many of the complicated medical problems. Some of the common complaints like shoulder stiffness, lumbago, lethargy and chronic fatigue, gnetic therapy can be the most effective of existing remedial treatments. In magnetic therapy Since no chemical substances are used there are no side effects.

It helps in healing by increasing blood flow. Provide relief in arthritis and healing of fractured bone by changing in migration of calcium ions. The magnetic field bring backs the pH Balance to normalcy which get disturbed due to illness, abnormal conditions etc. The use of magnetic therapy alter the enzyme activity and helps in the increasing or decreasing of production of hormone from the endocrine glands.