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Plate Magnet Adapter: Retaining Tramps

For gravity fed angled chute, plate magnet adapters are used, which convey low to high volumes of products. Below the flow of the products, magnetic adapters are installed where maximum ferrous tramp metals are retained.

The cleaning cycle is very easy due to exclusive roller cleaning system which requires no heavy lifting or handling during the cleaning cycle. The product flow is terminated and the clamp is released that secures the magnet to the housing and pull the magnet away from the chute allowing the collected tramp metal fall from the stripper plate.

Features Plate Magnet Adapter
  • The housing is normally made up of stainless steel.
  • The magnets that are used are either permanent ceramic magnets or rare earth magnets.
  • For minimizing the product leakage there are heavy duty clamps and gasket that prevents product leakage.
  • Magnetic roller helps in easy cleaning.
  • Cleaning may be both self cleaning or manual.