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Bonded Ferrite Magnets

Ferrite bonded magnets are manufactured by mixing magnets with binders like epoxy. These bonded magnetic materials can be either Injection Molded or Compression Bonded. Normally there are two types of bonded ferrite magnets-ferrite rubber bonded magnet and ferrite-plastic bonded magnets. Ferrite-rubber bonded magnets are manufactured by mixing ferrite magnet powder and bonding synthetic rubber. In terms of strength and flexibility they are excellent and can be formed by extrusion molding into various shapes such as sheets, boards, bars, and cylinder. Ferrite-plastic bonded magnets on the other hand are composed of magnetic ferrite powder and bonding nylon. Through injection process they can be molded in different shapes with great precision.

Injection Bonded Ferrite Magnets The injection bonded ferrite magnets have the following features:
  • They can be designed to produce complex shape.
  • Due to their anti-oxidation characteristics they are non corrosive.
  • These magnets can be magnetized both axially and radially.
  • Ferrite magnets have high dimensional precision
  • They are impact resistant.
Bonded ferrite magnets have following applications:
  • Copier and laser printer rolls
  • Permanent motor magnets
  • Magnetic rings for aerodynamic component
  • Color television monitor
  • Isotropic injection products
  • Anisotropic injection products