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Bonded Ndfeb Magnets

Bonded Neodymium Magnets Bonded NdFeB magnets are strong magnets which are used for various applications. They are manufactured by mixing powder with resin which is further processed to form magnets. The epoxy is used for compression molding. Using injection molding, large volume of magnets are produced however, the magnetic value of the magnets so produced are lower as compared to magnets made with compression molding because of their relatively lower density. To prevent coating, the surface is treated with epoxy coating or nickel-plating to prevent corrosion

Features of Bonded Magnet
Following are the features of bonded neodymium magnets:
  • Magnets are stable and very efficient.
  • Magnet and other part may form together in a single step.
  • For multi polar applications there is a free choice of magnetizing direction.
  • High dimensional accuracy.
  • Available in different shapes and size.
  • High resistance to corrosion.
  • Highest magnetic properties among other isotropic magnets.
Relative Power of Bonded Magnets

Following are the applications of NdFeB magnets:
  • Electronic Industries
  • Sensors
  • Loud Speakers
  • Big Industries
Safety Tips for NdFeB Magnets
To keep bonded neodymium magnets in good condition, avoid their use along with acid, alkali, organic solvent or electrolytes. The immersion of magnets in water or oil may also effect its magnetism. NdFeB magnets should also be not used in space filled with hydrogen, corrosive gases and radioactive rays.

Magnetic Properties of NdFeB Magnets

Br Remanence Hcj Intrinsic Coercivity Hcb Coercive Force (BH)max. Maximum Energy Product
MT kG kA/m kOe kA/m kOe KJ/m3 MGOe
ndfeb-NB6 440-560 4.40-5.60 560-680 7.0-8.5 240-320 3.0-4.0 32-48 4.0-6.0
ndfeb-NB8 540-640 5.40-6.40 640-720 8.0-9.0 320-400 4.0-5.0 48-64 48-64
ndfeb-NB8M 540-620 5.40-6.20 1040-1360 13.0-17.0 384-46 4.8-5.8 56-72 7.0-9.0
ndfeb-NB10 620-700 6.20-7.00 608-800 7.6-10.0 360-456 4.5-5.7 64-80 8.0-10.0
ndfeb-NB12 690-760 6.90-7.60 640-840 8.0-10.5 400-480 5.0-6.0 80-96 10.0-12.0