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Injection Molded Magnets

Injection Molded Magnets In injection molding process the magnet material can be directly molded into, or against other assembly components avoiding subsequent assembly steps. The magnets can be of different shapes and sizes. The importance of the injection moulding magnet lies in its cost effectiveness. Moreover, all or some part of the device can be magnetized.

The materials normally used for making injection molded magnets areferrite, neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB), and samarium cobalt (SmCo). Magnetic powders include ferrite, neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB), and samarium cobalt (SmCo). Different alloys of ferrite and NdFeB provides many different magnetic properties. Polymer binders improve physical strength, improve corrosion resistance for the rare earth magnetic materials, improve dimensional stability in the presence of water and solvents and ease processing.

  • They are strong magnets with excellent physical strength.
  • They are resistant to breakage. As they are not very brittle their handling is easier on production assembly lines.
  • Through molding desired shapes of magnets can be obtained eliminating finishing operations.
  • The material is easily machinable.
  • With regard to dimensional precision they are excellent.
  • The advanced surface treatment technology effectively protects them and make them impact resistant.
Magnetic Properties

Grade Max. Energy Product Remanence Coercive Force Thermal Conductivity
(BH)max Br Hci Hcb
MGOe kJ/m3 kG mT kOe kA/m kOe kA/m
CB-1 0.50-0.70 4.0-5.6 1.40-1.60 140-160 1.80-2.00 143-159 1.30-1.50 103-119
CB-2 1.10-1.30 8.8-10.4 2.00-2.20 200-220 2.50-2.70 199-215 1.70-1.90 135-151
CB-3 1.40-1.60 11.2-12.8 2.40-2.60 240-260 2.60-2.80 207-223 2.00-2.20 159-175
CB-4 1.60-1 12.8-14.4 2.50-2.70 250-270 2.70-2.90 215-231 2.10-2.30 167-183
CB-5 1.90-2.10 15.2-16.8 2.70-2.90 270-290 2.60-2.80 207-223 2.10-2.30 167-183

Injection molded magnets are applied in various projects and industries which are as follows:
  • Laser printer rolls.
  • Used in rotors and other components.
  • Permanent motor magnets.
  • For aerodynamic components, magnetic rings are made from injection mold magnets.
  • It is also applied in making color monitors and convergence magnets for television sets for more clarity.