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Convert the magnetic bar into a wall rack

Convert the magnetic bar into a wall rack Magnetic rack is common in large scale industries. But, have you ever imagined of wall magnetic rack for your house. Yes, it can wonder in re structuring interior of your house. It can be used for holding your kitchen knives, scissors, ruler, stitch riper, keys and many more gadgets or tools used at home. Using a simple magnetic bar as rack saves money and space as well. You can even mount a magnetic rack in children's room and create a mini gallery. You can even make a knife holder in kitchen. That makes the knives easily accessible to the one who is in kitchen.

Use of wall magnet rack is not limited to only holding knives but, it can use for holding screwdrivers, wrenches and rest guy stuff at home. Mounting it near the doorways for holding keys and other forgetful stuffs will definitely help in managing your stuffs in a right manner and avoid misplacement. The most interesting use is - displaying artwork with a revolving magnetic rack. Mini picture gallery made of magnet rack can be seen in many stores. The most common material used for making magnet rack is stainless steel. It is durable, rust free and hold the tools firmly.

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