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Magnetic Racks

Magnetic rack also known as magnetic tool holders. Tool holders are meant for holding different types of tools. The magnetic racks are of different capacities and sizes. These permanent magnet assemblies hold large or small tools and metal parts firmly and securely in place. These magnetic rack or tool holders are made up of magnetic minerals like rare earth magnets or ceramic magnets.

The magnetic racks are ideal both for attaching domestic household equipments like inking shears, thread clips, thimbles, knives, garnishing tools, and also equipments used outside like wrenches, screws, screwdrivers, scissors etc.

Magnetic rack or magnetic tool holders have following features
  • Tools can be easily organized on the magnetic rack .
  • Magnets used in a magnetic tool holder or rack is strong enough to organize wrenches, sockets, and fasteners.
  • The tools or fasteners can be secured when taken to the job site.
  • Mounts on work benches and other work areas where needed.
Magnetic rack have applications in the following areas:
  • Workshops
  • Garages
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Maintenance areas
  • Trucks and vans