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Demagnetizer is a device that is meant for removing magnetism in metals. Often in various industrial process, metallic parts are placed in a magnetic field for pressing, cutting and bending due to which they tend to become slightly magnetized. This magnetization is removed by using demagnetizers.

Demagnetizers are of different types, shapes, sizes and configurations. Each demagnetizer serve specific purpose.

Based on the configuration, size, application and operation demagnetizers can be of following types:

Plate Demagnetizers
Plate type demagnetizers are normally used for removing surface residual magnetism from different types of steels like Spring Steel, High Speed Steel, Die Steel etc. The workpiece is slided slowly across the top plate at a low and constant speed for demagnetization. They can be also demagnetized by moving it away from the center of the Tunnel where the filed at a maximum. If the object is thick, it can be demagnetized by applying both ends to the Demagnetizers

Tunnel Demagnetizers
These demagnetizers are suitable for demagnetizing very small working pieces. Some of the tunnel demagnetizer are designed to demagnetize the work piece as a continuous operation. These demagnetizers demgnetize the working piece uniformly.

Features And Benefits
  • Some of the demagnetizers are capable of demagnetizing the materials which are transported via a belt conveyor on a continuous basis.
  • Demagnetizers can also demagnetize steel materials such as nickel-chrome steel, spring steel, high speed steel, die steel, bearing steel,etc. These materials are difficult to demagnetize by standard demagnetizers
  • Some of the demagnetizers produce attenuating alternate magnetic field on the surface which results in the removal of residual magnetism in works and tools.
  • Even the small Suitable for demagnetizing tools such as drills, cutting tools, cutters and magnetized slide calipers.
  • Using strong AC power source these demagnetizers demagnetize works on a belt which runs over close to the surface.