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Magnetic Slide Conveyors

The magnetic slide conveyor is designed to move steel chips, scrap or parts from one point to another. It uses permanent magnetic power. The magnets are mounted on roller chain that is guided on mangnese track. To maximize conveyors life and to promote smooth and quiet operation, lubrication is used. The magnets are enclosed in a steel and recharged permanently.

Magnetic slide conveyors are available in different sizes, widths and lengths. The conveyors have also varied slide plate surfaces, drive options, inclined angles, controls, components easy to integrate with existing equipment or to install with new equipments.

How It Works?
Buying Tips

  • The selection of magnetic slide conveyors should be based upon maximum intermittent load anticipated.

  • Materials should be not allowed to accumulate on the sliderbed because the magnets may not be capable of breaking material free from a pile.

  • Buyer must be clear that for what application he is purchasing slide conveyors. That is whether the application is meant for horizontal application or for incline application.

  • Sliderbed should be cleaned regularly.
The material loads on to the conveyor machine. The conveyor machine consist of ceramic magnet assemblies which is fully enclosed in stainless steel with lifetime magnetic power. The stainless steel slider bed has sufficient thickness for various applications. The material is conveyed through slider bed and gets collected in dump box. The special non leak system helps preventing the leakage of tramp ferrous products.

Following are the features of magnetic slide conveyors:
  • The conveyor has no external moving parts
  • It is totally enclosed in a steel unit
  • The construction is submersible
  • It can be easily installed
  • It is self contained oil tight construction
The magnetic slide conveyors are used to convey a wide variety of ferrous loads ranging from machine chips and scrap to parts, fasteners and stamping off-fall. Magnetic slide conveyors are used in the following industries:
  • Chemical
  • Engineering
  • Mines
  • Minerals
  • Iron and steel