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Holding - Retrieving Magnets

Holding & Retreiving Magnets Holding and retrieving magnets are ideal for holding, lifting and hanging objects from metal walls, beams and doors. If bolted or screwed on the surface they can retrieve scattered nails, washers and other metal items. These magnets are either painted or coated. The holding or retrieving magnets are available in different sizes and have wide range of sporting, household, commercial and industrial uses.

The holding and retrieving magnets have wide applicability. They have following applications:
  • They can be used to hold spray nozzles, hoses, temporary wirings etc.
  • They are used as magnetic door latch.
  • If attached to wooden dowel, they pick up ferrous materials.
  • They play important role in retrieving hand tools and other metal items from waterways.
  • The holding or retrieving magnets when attached to rod or chain they can be used for clearing tanks or other hard to reach places.
  • The magnets are used for removing steel rod from tumbling media.
  • The magnetic retriever helps in cleaning the areas by attracting and holding loose nails, fasteners etc.