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Prong Magnets

Prong magnetic separator is fabricated heavy duty large volume liquid and semi-liquid line flow systems. In magnetic tube of the separator,there is a T-Trap that employs a slip-in cage. When the liquid or slurry is passed, to the rear of the tubes. These materials are not white washed from the flow of the liquid and they are later removed from the tube. T-Trap us easy to clean.

Following are the features of Prong Magnets:
  • Prong Magnets are easy to install and operate.
  • They are normally housed in stainless steel structure.
  • Prong magnets usually employ rare earth magnets to clear the tramp iron contaminants.
  • They help in protecting the equipment from damage by removing the ferrous contaminants.
Applications of prong magnets are:
  • Plastic Industries
  • Glass Industries
  • Food Processing Industries
  • Chemical Industries