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Magnetic Hooks

Magnetic hooks are powerful magnetic assemblies having attached hooks at the end. Magnetic hooks are of different shapes and magnetic strength and are applied for various plications. The materials used for these magnets are different. Magnetic hooks are normally made of rare earth, ceramic or alnico magnets. Based on the applications, magnetic hook are of different types:

  • Cable Hook and Magnetic Clips
    Magnetic cable hook holds phone and office machine cords neatly to steel desks and partition whereas magnetic clips main work includes holding of wiring and cords, to memo pads, clipboards etc.

  • Magnetic Coat Hooks
    Magnetic coat hooks are easy to handle and are portable enough to be relocated, removed or repositioned. They come in both single and double hooks and are used to hang coats, jackets, hats etc.

  • White Magnetic Hooks
    White magnetic hooks are small and powerful magnets coated with white enamel paint. They are used for suspending banners or wiring for lights or sound.
Magnetic Hooks
Following are the applications of magnetic hook:
  • Fixing lights
  • Fixing tools
  • Keys or signs from metal doors
  • Hanging tool boxes
  • Suspending banners