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Magnetic Rods

Magnetic rods are the essential magnetic products that are used for various applications. They are mainly utilized for removing metallic waste like ferrite powder and iron chippings from different types of lathes. They are also applied for removing ferrous chippings and Powder in water tanks and oil tank. They remove the ferrous contaminants from the area which is difficult to reach. By removing the tramp iron from the machines they ensure high quality & efficiency of work pieces.

Magnetic RodsPermanent magnets are used for making magnetic rods. The most important feature of the magnetic rod is that it can be used for all chemical objects repeatedly, and this will produce no rust in it.

It is one end of the rod that is magnetic. It is very useful for assembly slops, garages and maintenance jobs. The magnets at the end of the rod easily recover nuts, washer from intricate spaces, inaccessibleto hand and saves valuable time.