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Magnetic Sheet Floaters

Magnetic sheet floaters are device used for handling stacked sheets in production jobs. They are cost effective device that performs efficiently thereby giving good productivity. They help boost press and press brake production by eliminating the need to fumble with thin oily sheets. The sheet in the floaters are normally made of stainless steel and are of different sizes, widths and lengths.

How It Works?
Against the stack of steel sheets,sheet floater is positioned. When the steel sheets come in the contact of magnetic field of steel sheets floaters, it gets magnetized. As there is no load on the top sheet, the sheets near the top of the stack separate. After the removal of top sheet the next lower sheet gets ready to move up. This process goes on until all sheets have been removed. As per job requirement, single or multiple sheet floaters can be used. Floating is achieved by placing two or more units in position causing the entire top sheet to magnetically float over the others.
Buying Tips
Before buying magnetic sheet separator you should keep following things in mind. You should choose the sheet floater bearing in mind the size of material that needs to be handled on sheet floater. The other factors like stack height, shape and gauge must also be taken into consideration before choosing magnetic float sheeter.
There is a steel housing in which powerful permanent magnets are housed. Floaters are positioned by mounting holes. Shifting from one job to other is accomplished by a handle.

Magnetic Sheet Floaters Magnetic sheet floaters can be used for:
  • Heavy and light gauges
  • Large and small sheets
  • High and low stacks
  • Dry and oily sheets
  • Irregular and round shapes,
  • Polished, painted or printed sheets.
  • Protection of polished, painted and furnished surfaces from scratches.