Permanent Lift Magnets

Permanent lift magnets are important material handling magnets, used in various industrial, commercial and household usage. They need no clamping device and no electricity for operation. They provide easy solution to complex loading and unloading of objects. They are available in various sizes and shapes. Their size depend on the nature of the materials to be handled. Lift magnets use either ceramic magnets or rare earth magnets for handling purposes.

Permanent Lift Magnets Following are the features of permanent lift magnets:
  • Steel housing secure magnets for maintenance free operation.
  • It is capable of lifting flats, rounds, and angled stocks.
  • Magnetic field can be increased or decreased through simple device.
  • Easy to operate and handle.
  • Ideal for handling steel plate, die casting etc.
  • It is used for loading and unloading steel items.
  • In shipping areas it is used for handling various devices.
  • Also used for destacking and transfer of steel sheets, plates, bar stock, angles and rounds.
Buying Tips
Before selecting permanent lift magnets, surface condition, material thickness, surface finish and weight of the workload should be kept in mind because these are the factors that affects the overall performance of the permanent lift magnets.